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Operating Manual for Micro Processor Based High Tech A.C. Control System.
Thank you for choosing WeatherCraft airconditioner control unit. The Weather Craft STR is a high quality control unit for air conditioner based on the microprocessor technology. The high-speed microprocessor measures the temperature of the room and controls the hardware components to maintain the room temperature at +/- 1 C of the set temperature. Besides this, the IR remote control, built in timer function, sleep mode and dry mode makes the A/c easy to use and maintain.
Cool / Sleep / Dry / Fan four operation modes
High / Med / Low three kind of indoor speed
Sleep function· Dry mode to reduce the room moisture     at minimum cost
Three minutes time delay to protect the compressor
Temperature precision +/- 2c
Dual 7 segment LED to display the room temp and the     set temp
24 hours on and off timer
Temperature setting +10c to +31 c
Press PWR to turn the A/C on.
The A/c will start operating at the factory preset, if the main supply is turned on for the first time.
Factory preset: Cool mode, Hi Fan Speed, Normal Timer, Swing on. Set temp at 22c.
Press PWS to turn the A/c off.
POWER OFF MEMORY RETENTION: If PWS is pressed again without turning the main supply off; the     A/c will operate with the previous setup.
The temp is measured at the A/c grill. There will be a temp difference the room floor and the ceiling. So     set up temp depends on how high the A/c is installed, the room size and how the louvers are arranged.
Press SET. The display will begin to blink and show the set up temp. Press UP or DN to adjust the set     temp. If the display stops blinking. Press SET again.
The display will stop blinking after 10 seconds and the display will show the room temp.
You an press SET to know the set up temp at any time.
Four different modes may be selected by pressing MODE
Fan mode does not have any indicator
In case of cool, sleep and dry modes, the corresponding indicators will blink if the compressor is not on     and will stop blinking if the compressor is on.
The control unit cools the room air to the set temperature.
If the room temperature is greater then set temp +1c, the compressor is turned on.
When the room temp reaches set temp -1c the compressor is turned off.
To protect the system, the minimum running rime of the compressor is 3 minutes.
The device is useful to maintain an appropriate temperature during the night so that excessive energy is     not used. If you need 24c temp after 2 hours, follow the following steps.
Set up the room temp at 22c · Select sleep mode.
The A/c starts counting time down · After one hour the set up temp will be 23c
After another hour set up temp will be 24c and it will remain the same for the whole night.
This mode is selected then the outside temp is comfortable but the humidity is high.
When this mode is on, keep your ceiling fan on.
The A/c fan speed is pushed to low.
Compressor runs at a rate of 7 minutes off and 3 minutes on.
If you press the SET, the display will show DH.
    It means the A/c is in dry mode so you cannot program the set up temp.
The user can operate the A/C fan at high, medium or low speed manually. The compressor is kept off.     All the mode indicators will be off.
Three different speeds may be selected in any mode except Dry mode.
It circulates the room air at high speed.
It circulates the room air at medium speed.
It circulates the room air at low speed
On and Off timer are turned off
Press TMR to select off Timer. The display starts blinking and the off hours will be displayed.
Pressing UP or DN can set up the off hours. The display will stop blinking after 5 seconds.
    The steady display will show the off hours.
The display will start counting time down and the display will be updated.
The A/C will be turned on as soon as the on hours reaches to 00 count
Select the Mode, Fan speed and set up temp, as you require.
Select on timer by pressing TMR. The display starts blinking and the on hours will be displayed.
Pressing UP or DN may set up the on hours. The display will stop blinking after 5 seconds. The steady     display will show the on hours.
The display will start counting time down and the display will be updated.
The A/C will be turned on as soon as the on hour's reaches to 00 count.
Swing may be turned on or off by pressing SWG. There will be a three seconds delay between the on and off operation because of the system reliability.
All the functions can be done by remote control
The remote control has the same function keys as the control panel.
Keep the remote control away from children.
Electricity has become so common, that we sometimes, take it for granted. Carelessness even while pulling out a plug from a socket could result in a nasty shock. It is necessary for us to take precautions against electrical hazards, because it could result in grievous injuries or damage to property or both.
The flow of electrical current through the body causes a shock. When it is an alternating current, i.e. the     normal electricity we receive at home, the dangers are enhanced because it causes an involuntary grip,     which prolongs the period of contact. More the period of contact, more the damage.
An electrical current flows through the nerves and muscles and disturbs their normal functioning.     Passage of current through the heart, stops blood supply to the brain, resulting in loss of     consciousness and termination of breathing.
When a person standing at a height receives an electrical shock, it is most likely that he will fall.
Personal sensitivity to electrical shock varies from person to person.
Whenever an electrical flash appears, and if a part of the body comes within flashing distance, burns     can be caused.
Burns may be caused by short circuits as well, because a short circuit could create an electrical fire.
Excessive heat results in burns, which damage the skin and cause injury to cells.

· Allow only a qualified engineer to attend to your electrical repairs
Think that a circuit is "live" and ensure that it is "dead" only after you test it.
Make sure your extension cords are free from cuts, improper insulation, kinks or joints.
Ensure pins of your plugs are tight and not loose.
Make sure that you have easy access to switch off the supply source quickly, in case of an emergency.
Use appliances with 3 pin plugs or 3 pin MCB and connect to 3 pin sockets.
Service your electrical equipment at frequent intervals through a competent electrician.
All domestic houses having Air conditioner must have ELCB. (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) & MCB      on all Air conditioners.
Switch off electrical appliances when not in use.
Be sharp in identifying and reporting electrical hazards immediately.
In case of short circuit or a fire, switch off the mains instantly.
Memorize first aid procedures. You never know when you may need them.

Never insert naked wires into sockets. Avoid making temporary connections.
Never work on wet electrical equipment.
Never user trial and error methods with electrical circuits
Never operate a switch without knowing the consequences.
Never overload an electrical point. In case of replacing gadgets, replace with the same rating
Never attempt to extinguish an electrical fire with water. Use dry sand of DCP extinguishers.
Never crowd your articles around the mains or switches. Otherwise in case of emergency it may not be     easily accessible.
Never take short cuts. Follow the safety procedures meticulously.
Never use broken plugs. · Never operate electrical switches and gadgets with wet hands.
If someone has been injured by an electrical shock, give the victim artificial respiration and call for a     doctor immediately. The victim needs fresh air, so ensure that people do not crowd. If the victim has     suffered burns, hold the affected part under water.
Incase of an accident, emergency action comprising simple first aid measures can minimize injury and     even save lives.
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